Elephants in Kent

My sister works at Cour d’Alene French Baking Company in Kent. The bakery washired to make bread for the elephants in the Ringling Brothers Circus. The city ofKent wouldn’t allow them to stop on the train tracks to get to the Showare Centerwhere they were performing. So they had to get off the train in Renton and then walkto the Showare Center in Kent. They just happened to walk right by the bakery. Thebakery delivered the 240 loaves of unsliced French bread for the elephants to theShoware Center Wednesday morning. Apparently they will only eat un sliced whole loavesof white bread.


The elephants and handlers walking down West Valley Highway in Kent. This road normallyhas five lanes of 50 mph traffic on it.


Firefighters with a fire truck came to hose the hot and tired elephants down oncethey arrived at the bakery.


More elephant fun.