Kelly & Mac’s Wedding Pics Part 1


kelly and mac 1

Kelly and Mac at Dumas Bay in Tacoma with their flowergirl Bethany and ring bearer Zachary.

>the girls

My cousin Christine, me, Kelly and my best friend Jenniferin between photos. We loved our bouquets! Kelly wanted them all to be dahlias – goodchoice!

Happy Zachary

Kelly rented umbrellas from Bella Umbrella in caseit rained. It was actually super hot so they helped keep the sun off us us.

me with twins

Me talking with my favorite twins. Zachary was veryexcited about his outfit and loved showing me the buttons on his vest – so cute!

me and twins walking

Bethany fell when she was playing and was pretty sadabout it. We took a walk to cool off and talk about fun things.

Kelly talking to bethany

My Kelly trying to cheer Bethany up. He tried so hard.But sometimes you just need to feel sad.

Kelly and Max (2)

Thanks Kelly for taking care of Max all day long andfor holding my bouquet. (Kelly is wearing Max’s sun hat – good fit don’t you think?!)


All set to go!

taking their vows

Kelly and Mac saying their vows.

Kelly and Mac 2

The newly married couple.

toasting the bride

Cheers to the bride and groom!

beautiful christine

My beautiful cousin Christine.

the bride

The bride!

dad giving his speech

My dad, giving his speech.

Holly giving his speech

Holly, the best woman giving her speech. She is sosweet!

giving my speech

Me, giving my speech. I am so glad I’ve had the opportunityto teach. It makes public speaking a lot less nerve racking!

Kelly and Mac 3

Kelly and Mac listening to the speeches.