32 weeks!

This pregnancy is definitely different than when I was pregnant with Max. With Max I didn’t have a two-year-old to run around after. When I was pregnant with Max I thought about who he would be, what being a mommy would be like, what labor and and birth would be like and I did my fair share of worrying if I was being healthy and safe during my pregnancy. Also we took quite a few pregnancy photos. So yeah, this pregnancy is completely different. I’m glad I know what I know now. I think about baby #2 a lot but not nearly as much as with Max. I think I feel more relaxed about this baby and I’m not obsessing about much. As for maternity photos here is what I’m pretty sure are the first ones taken. She and I are due around the same time I’m 32 weeks and she’s 33. She is also pregnant with her second baby – a boy (oh boy!)


Laura and Christopher are having a baby boy and we’re having some sort of critter.