Higher level thinking

Max will be three this month. Yes, THREE. He’s almost getting his drivers license he’s so old! Every day I can tell he’s getting smarter. Kelly or I read three books to him before his nap and before bed time. If he’s being a little rascal and not following directions getting ready for either slumber session we take away one book. Yes, we are horrible parents and punish our child this way. It works fairly well though because that kid loves books! Yesterday I had to take one book away before nap time and Max was not happy. In his room I told him to pick out two books. He was dilly dallying around and so I told him two books or no books. (I was pulling out the big guns.) He told me, “Mommy, don’t be mean to me because it makes me feel mad.” Whoa a little almost three-year-old cause and effect! I informed him that I was sorry if he felt mad but he still needed to pick out his books.

Here are some activities Max has been up to:

boy in a bin

Reading in the clothes hamper.

bunny max

Being a cute little carrot eating bunny. The boy loves eating carrots!

carrot cake muffin 2

This is Max saying no to the mommy paparazzi. He was just so dang cute in his “farmer hat” eating his carrot cake muffin. I couldn’t resist.

carrying max and molly

We had some spare time on Friday so we walked to the school to play on the playground. There are some horses nearby. Well less than a mile. Round trip it was about a three hour walk. Molly fell asleep and Max had a great time finding dandelions, rocks and sticks. He liked getting to see the horses and hear them make funny noises. On the way back he started to get tired. He would tell me he was tired and needed  rest so he would just sit down on the side of the road. It was pretty dang cute. I offered to carry him on my back and he loved that idea. It was quite a lot of effort to get him up there while having Molly attached to my front but as you can see it worked out. We were quite the sight!

daddy and max

We had this strange kush type ball that Max loved playing with.

diaper and boots mxa

He just had to go outside as soon as possible and didn’t have time for clothes! Who needs them anyway?!

doll hair at natalias

We were at a friend’s house who has a daughter the same age as Max. I saw him brushing the doll’s hair. It was so cute and sweet! He gave her hair a few brushes then decided to run around.

max not wanting his pic taken