Molly is 10 months old!

Taking pictures of Molly with her 10 month sticker on earlier this week was hard. I am glad she’s 10 months old but Max isn’t here with us. He was here playing in the background when I took her 9 month picture. But milestones like this still need to be celebrated. Molly is such a blessing from God. I am so grateful for her.

Here is a little bit about what Molly is up to.

Physical: army crawling and sometimes regular crawling. She likes to feed herself (yay!), she pulls herself up to a standing position, she likes to clap and wiggles to music.

Social/Emotional: She loves being around other people, she cries and comes looking for us when/if we leave the room, she talks a ton, she waves and says, “Hi” to a picture of my parents, sister and myself when we were little. She exhibits reluctance toward strangers aka mean mug. She expresses affection by kissing and patting.

Communicative: She turns her head when we call her name and briefly stops a behavior when told, “no.”

Cognitive: She intentionally drops toys

tigger 1

tigger 2

tigger 3

tigger 4

tigger 5

tigger 6