Great visit

Today Molly and I went and visited Christopher, Laura, Grace and James. We had a really nice time. I loved getting to just be with Christopher and Laura. It was also wonderful to be around Grace and listen to her talk and giggle and play. She was extra snuggley with me and I ate it up. She wanted to sit in my lap a lot and it was so nice to have a toddler that I love sitting in my lap again. We read books with her in my lap. That was a huge deal for me. Every morning Max and I would read book after book after book and he would sit next to me on the couch or on my lap. On his last morning with me he sat in my lap. Thank you God for Max wanting to sit in my lap that day.

Here’s Grace in my boots. She seemed to really like wearing them. They are as tall as her legs! I’m so glad I get her as my niece.

grace in my boots

After dinner both James and Molly were covered in chicken pot pie and cottage cheese so all the kiddos took a bath.


Um aren’t those the cutest baby buns you’ve ever seen!?

cousin bathCousin bath!