Cousin Time

We got to hang out with Ma & Pa, Uncle Christopher, Aunt Laura, Grace and James today. Here are some pictures from our fun.

Molly and Laura

IĀ  love this picture of Molly and Laura. It is so very sweet.

Grace and Pa

Grace wanted me to put a clip in her hair but then she wanted more and more until they were all in her hair. She picked them out and told me where to put them. I think she looks like a mermaid princess. She and Pa are watching Looney Toon shows šŸ™‚

Laura and Molly 1

This picture of Laura and Molly is from Friday when we visited I just forgot to put them up in my last post. Max and Grace used to try and take turns on this car and another Little Mermaid one. I think the last time we were there Max rode on the Little Mermaid one šŸ™‚

molly and james 1

Kelly’s cousin Vanessa and her husband Bubba had their daughter Aubrey and then their twin girls Annie and Paisley. Vanessa generously gives us their hand-me-downs! We naturally get doubles of some items. Laura and I thought it would be fun to put Molly and James in matching, “Mommy loves me” onsies.

molly and james 2

Molly and James 4

Molly and James 3

I cannot get over Molly’s face here! She’s been doing this a lot lately. It cracks me up! It reminds me of the face Max made when he tried pureed carrots I made him for the first time when he was almost seven months old. They must be related.

first carrots