Four toofers

Yes, in our house we call teeth – toofers and Molly has four of them! My sister snapped a picture of all four of them this week.

four toofers

Look at my chompers! Look out Mommy! Molly squints at us and then we squint back and so on and so forth. Its a game that she really likes playing.

popsicle 4

Max loved Popsicles. I made them for him with blueberries, vanilla yogurt, whole milk and sometimes honey. On Max’s last day he wanted Popsicles so I made him 12 with orange juice. He ate nine. I’ve had the remaining three in my fridge ever since and haven’t quite known what to do with them. Its been super hot here. On this particular day it was almost 90 degrees! I decided to give the Popsicles to Molly and she ate all three throughout the day and she did so like a champ. So now I’ll start making Popsicles for her. Maybe she’ll have the same love for them as her big brother but maybe not. Only time will tell 🙂

popsicle cold face

This is Molly’s cold face.

popsicle molly 2

Look what I got!

popsicle molly 3

So good! I love those smiling eyes.