California 2014

Kelly, Molly and I all got to fly down to Pasadena for a whole week this month! Kelly got to work and Molly and I got to play 😉 We got to stay at the fancy pants Embassy Suites where they make you breakfast and Molly had her own room to sleep in. Oh yeah – we’re first class like that 😉 Thank you Kelly’s work for the hotel! After dropping Kelly off at work in our rockin’ Chrystler mini van Molly and I did some of the following activities throughout the week: went to Target, found where the Rose Bowl is located, wrote postcards, went on a tour of where Kelly was working, drove an hour to the Santa Monica Pier and played in the sand and waves. She LOVED the waves! Kelly didn’t have to work on Friday so the three of us went back to the Santa Monica Pier as a family. Molly did pretty well on both flights. I also saw one celebrity! You are going to be so excited! Alex Trebek! I saw him at the Bob Hope Airport with his wife.


Pre-flight baby

Sharing a smoothie with Daddy. photo-19


I grabbed four straws from Starbucks and they kept her more entertained than any other toy. Score. photo-21

Getting tired…photo-22

More tired…photo-23


Both babies slept on the plane. I enjoyed my magazine.



Molly had a great time playing in the sand. photo-27

This is my favorite picture of her with the ferris wheel and pier behind her. Plus she’s not digging with a shovel she’s using a Menchie’s spoon that I happened to bring 😉


Me and my girl. A very nice lady took a picture of us. Molly was very social on the beach and loved to crawl up to people sunbathing on their towels. Good thing she’s cute. She was a great conversation starter actually.


Daddy and Molly (my favorite pic of them from the trip 🙂


This chick loved the waves!photo-36

Molly would giggle each time a wave crashed against her. It was the cutest thing!photo-39

It was just like Baywatch…but not really. photo-40

Fueling up!


On the flight back Molly figured out what the tray tables are really for – spying on and touching the heads of the people in front of you of course!