What Addie said

My dear cousin Michelle has a four-year-old, Addie and two-year-old twins, Jonah and Cora. They live in Portland so we don’t see them as often as any of us would like but we email, call each other and visit occasionally. When we did get together Max and Addie had a BLAST together. Michelle and I had so much fun watching them play. I loved that she and I used to play together and now our kids were playing together. It was beautiful. Here’s what Michelle emailed me about a conversation she and Addie had.

This is a dialog between Addie and I tonight when we took the kids outside to see a beautiful rainbow.

Me: “rainbows are one of the most beautiful things God makes”

Addie: (pauses deep in thought and looks up at me) “so Max helps Him make them then??”

Me: “yes he does my love” (with tears in my eyes)

Wow that kids gets me sometimes.  In case you ever wonder we still talk about Max a lot.



Addie and Max playing

IMG_4886 IMG_4889

Max loved Addie’s dog Maya. He would always say “hi” to her when we would come to visit first. Then warm up to everyone else.


addie 1They are screaming here at the top of their lungs!

addie 2

addie 3

addie 4

addie 5

addie 6

addie 7