Welcome Jake!

Jake was born this past November and will be 10 weeks old tomorrow! He is a wonderful addition to our family. We are all getting used to having a toddler and a baby again.

Jake final

My friend Jennifer made Jake’s birth announcement just like she made Max and Molly’s. Jen Finch took the photos of Jake like she did with Max and Molly as well.

Jake’s big sister, Molly is very sweet with him and can even put his pacifier back in for him! She likes to give him “a kiss and a snuggle.” When Jake cries Molly is quick to offer suggestions on what he needs such as mommy milk or his pacifier. And Jake loves his paci – woo hoo!

Jake reminds me a bit of his big brother, Max when he was a baby in that he’s kind of cranky and a normal sleeper for an infant. This means he eats every two to four hours (its usually every two though). Molly was the opposite and slept a ton! I looked at Molly’s baby book and saw that she was sleeping through the night at four weeks! I was super spoiled by her.

Some things that make Jake unique so far is his red hair! Jake is also┬ávery noisy. He gunts and just makes noises all the time. He’s even been known to snore quite loudly. Unfortunately Jake spits up more than his older siblings.

I am looking forward to finding out more of who Jake is.







DSC_2509 DSC_2502


Here are some photos that Kelly and I have taken lately.



molly holding jake good camera




I don’t know how to make this picture upright. Grrr.




Molly got into some markers the day before this because she wanted, “to decorate me for Christmas!”




Look at those red eye brows! He’s wearing my favorite cozy outfit from Kelly’s great Aunt Patty.





Jake didn’t grab this toy from my friend Hillary. I may have posed him.




Hmm, I think I look a wee bit tired and kinda old… funny how those things start to happen.