Jake is four-months-old!


Look at those red eyebrows! His eyelashes are red too. And those cheeks – I kiss them as much as possible. The poor kid will probably loath physical contact later in life!


Molly really likes to be in Jake’s monthly pictures. Jake is growing up and becoming more fun. He’s super smiley and has some tickle spots that he’ll giggle like crazy if tickled just right. He likes to be held facing out to see what we’re all up to. I wear him in our front pack as well. As far as a schedule some time there are some days in a row where he’s consistent with napping. However just when I think I’ve got him figured out he changes things up. ┬áHe likes to watch Molly and take baths with her. I liked how Max and Molly took baths and how she would watch him play. I’m glad that Jake can watch Molly and eventually they’ll play together.