On the move

Max has been loving being able to crawl. He has been pulling himself up on furniture as well. Kelly found Max today standing up and holding onto the couch all by himself! Here are some pictures of what Max has been up to lately.

pulling himself up 

Yes, we need to do something about those cords…

pots and pans 4

pots and pans 3

We had just eaten lunch so Max has a bit of it on him.

pots and pans

pots and pans 2

pots and pans 5

pots and pans 6

By taking this picture I distracted him with the camera so that was the end of his pots and pans fun.

mommy's water bottle

He really likes playing with my water bottle.

7 month-old Max

Max is seven months old! Crazy huh. His newest and most exciting development is crawling! He started crawling about a week before he turned seven months. And what did he crawl after you ask? Sprinkles? A cool toy? Mommy? Daddy? Oh no our little boy crawled after a cardboard paper towel tube. He just loves those things. So now with him being very moble we’ve been busy baby proofing. Kelly installed a sturdy baby gate at the top of our stairs and we’ve done some other stuff. Some new foods that Max has tried lately are: peaches (thanks Betty), apricots and pears. He liked them all. He does sometimes make his “this tastes icky” face when his food is served to him warm. He still just has the two bottom teeth and I haven’t felt any more coming in and I’m just fine with that! Max doesn’t seem to sleep very well when he’s teething so neither do I.

7 months max

Taking his monthly picture is becoming more of a challenge now. He doesn’t want to stay put. He wants to crawl off the couch or grab the camera. I gave him a bowl to keep him in place.

7 month max looking at bowl

7 mont max eating bowl

Yum – bowl!

7 months max trying to get up

Getting ready to move!

7 month max christmas hat

Isn’t his hat hilariously adorable?! Aunt Kelly got it for him. close up in christmas hat

Max & Friends


Kelly thought it would be fun to take pictures of everyonethat holds Max. Here are some of them so far. (in order of age of Max as well)*


Aunt Kelly


Grandma Darlene & Grandpa Lynn


Uncle Christopher


Aunt Laura (Christopher & Laura are due in Octoberwith a little girl!)


Aunt Jennifer


Grandma Betty

IMG_1703 IMG_1705

The Sargent mimicking Max.


Aunt Emily


Uncle Peter






Uncle Mike


Aunt Jenn


Cuz’ Marissa


Cuz’ Cody


Cuz’ Hannah



*only one missing is SUSAN who wouldn’t take a picture with him! (kelly comment)

Baby Update


Tomorrow I will be 21 weeks! I’m actually getting a little baby bump now which isfun. I’ve been able to feel the baby move a lot more this week. Kelly was able tofeel it punch or kick this week too. My sister went with my to one of my regular checkups with the Midwives at Valley Medical Center. It went well and we got to hear theheartbeat again. This time it was really neat because we could hear the clapping ofthe baby’s heart valves opening and closing and hear the blood going through the umbilicalcord. I signed us up for Bradley birthing classes that we’ll start the week afterChristmas and finish in March. My goal is to have as natural a birth as possible.We’ll see how that plan works out Winking smile.Lately I’ve been thinking about putting together a birth mix on my ipod. 

I feel like I’ve been eating a ton since I’ve been pregnant but I’ve only gained fourpounds! I know that number will get larger the closer April gets though. I’ve beentrying to eat lots of fruits and vegetables though. If you know me well you know Idon’t really like oranges or the like. However I bought a box of Satsuma’s and atethe whole box in a week and a half. I’m working on box number two now. the only reasonI’m eating them is the baby. Mmmm Satsumas – not. I also make myself drink orangejuice for the baby. I do not like the O.J.

20 Week Ultrasound

Today marks the halfway point in my pregnancy. It seems to be going by rather quickly.I’m still feeling good. Except every now and then I get excruciating pain from myligaments stretching. The two times it has happened I’ve had to sit down and feelsick to my stomach. Oh well, its preparing me for childbirth. Another side effectI’ve been experiencing lately is crying a lot. I cry a lot more easily when I’m sad.I’ve never cried when I’m mad but that’s happening too now – awesome (not).

On Thursday Kelly and I got to go in for our first and only ultrasound! I was SO excited!It was so amazing getting to see our baby for the first time! Getting to see the baby’sprofile was my favorite. The most fascinating thing was getting to see the heart pump.We could see all four chambers and watch blood flow. Seeing the baby’s little legs,arms, feet and hands was pretty neat too. We are still waiting until birth to findout the baby’s gender so the ultrasound technician had us look away when she was checkingto see what we’re having. It was hard not to peek! So she is the only person who actuallyknows what we’re having. I have felt pretty much the whole time that we’re havinga boy – but only time will tell. We just want our baby to be healthy.


Baby Keeton at 20 weeks gestation. Head is on the right. baby-keeton2

Profile picture of Baby Keeton again, just not as good. The white blob above the mouthis a fist – how cute!


We’re making progress on preparing for our son or daughter’s arrival. I’m in the processof signing us up for Bradley birthing classes. I’ve also been reading up on all thestuff you need to know how to do with babies. There’s a lot of stuff! Also we movedour guest bed downstairs and Kelly put up the crib in its place.




A friend of mine was really sweet and knit the baby some booties and an elephant pacifierholder. I think they’re adorable. I’m glad she told me what the pacifier holder wasin the card or I would haven’t have had a clue. I have a feeling that won’t be thefirst time this happens with baby related items.



Another friend of mine gave me some pacifiers so I was able to test out the holder- success! Now all I need is a baby.