Me being dinosaur

Max loves dinosaurs (I heard that’s rare for toddler boys…) This is him after he said, “Me going to eat my bana like dinosaur!” (fyi like a T. Rex)

t rex max 1

t rex max 2

Max’s first trip to the dentist

I finally took Max to the dentist last week. A really neat kids dentist came highly recommended so we went there. It had a train that ran around the whole office, other train stuff everywhere and Max’s favorite – lots of movies and shows to watch! Above each dental chair there is a t.v. in the ceiling! Max wore headphones and watched a movie while the dental assistant and dentist checked out his grill. Max didn’t have any cavities so get got to join the “No Cavity Club!” The dental assistant brushed and flossed his teeth and painted on fluoride. Then it was off to get X rays. Max did really well!

I need to talk to my dentist about getting televisions in the ceiling.

dentist watching a movie

Flossing time.

dentist flossing

Max getting his “crackers” to bite down on.

dentist x rays

Max wasn’t told to close his eyes during the x rays that was his idea. I never asked him why he did…dentist x rays 2

Waiting patiently between x rays.

dentist after x rays 2

Here are Max’s x rays. I think its soooo cool that you can see his adult teeth waiting to come in. He should get his top teeth when he’s about six-years-old and his bottom adult teeth when he’s about seven.

Max's teeth almost age three

Kids Quest in Factoria

We got a great deal on a membership at Kids Quest (children’s museum) in Factoria. It is my favorite place to take Max. We met Betty and my niece Grace there last week and had a ball.

kids quest children's museum

Do we have a future plumber on our hands? Engineer?

max and grace at kids quest

Max and Grace on the car rides just outside the museum. Max was so excited to see Grace! He screamed, “GRACE!” and ran and gave her a big hug. He also screamed, “MA!” when he saw Betty she got a big hug too.

cool max

Random sunglasses picture of Max.

We had snow – finally!

Max has been saying that he wants snow for months and he finally got some! He was SO incredibly happy and excited to go out and play in it! We just happened to have a snowsuit from some friends that just barely still fit too. His favorite thing to do in the snow was sit down and eat it. He called it his honey. He would say, “Mommy, look there’s some honey for me!” On the day it snowed we played in the morning and then again in the afternoon. We also walked over to our neighborhood school and played there. Kelly and Molly came out with us in the afternoon.

max eating snow

max's snowman

snowy walk max

Big Bro

Here is a little of what Max is up to. He’s talking a ton! Like giant sentences and is just so dang smart!

I was getting Max into bed and we were talking before prayers. He told me that Jesus was in his stomach. I said, “oh you mean in your heart? Can you show me where your heart is?” He showed me and told me that, “yes, Jesus in my heart and Mommy you in my heart too.”
He also wanted to feel my teeth and told me that they were big but I had some small ones like him. Then he told me I have tiger teeth.

supermanI love this photo! We were at the indoor park in Kent a while back.

bath 3Sibling bath time. Max likes taking baths with his sister.

olives 1Max eating olives at Thanksgiving. I think pickles and olives are still his favorites.

   mowing grassWhen it was super cold but sunny we played outside as much as possible. One thing Max loved to to was mow around our neighborhood.

kelly shirt 2

This is Kellly’s shirt (obviously) from when he was little. I forgot to get it on him before he was too big for it…

ferry 1

Family ferry ride to Whidbey Island.

fishingFishing for seaweed.

sand dump truck

Playing in the sand is a favorite past time.


Molly’s wardrobe

    Our daughter has a wardrobe that I’m a little envious of. My cousin Michelle and my friend Cecily sent us some amazing clothes. Molly was also given clothes from other friends and family. Check these out!

Coras purple outfit

I like that Molly’s cousin Cora wore this.

Koala molly from lisa

Hat: my friend Lisa, Shirt: Aunt Kellyloris outfit

Thanks Aunt Lori!

molly in michelles dress

Thanks Michelle!

sunday best

This adorable dress is from my friend Noell. I think the little gentleman next to Molly is pretty cute too 🙂

That’s it for now.


Well hello there!

Life has been pretty busy around our house lately. Having a two-year-old and a two-month-old is kind of a lot of work at times. I woudn’t trade it for anything though. (yes, I know – puke!) Here are some photos of what we’ve been up to.

A mini photo shoot with a new friend that needed a baby who was less than a week old:

5kBHVJXFgeU7etRaQVJ6pJz7zHtmXUUpqA62cxnBdjw 34JRN2I5HTXrU2GAV0x9WhrB02jsZfWAvBoQaHDzi4M bMYYwrIIGtgP4J-Pj768wgyNMdvjQaS0y1r9qY33peY

We had the same photographer, Jennifer Finch take newborn photos of Molly like we did with Max. Kelly put these two photos together. Can you tell which is which?

max and molly 2

We went to Grace’s 2nd birthday and James’ dedication. I love how Molly is screaming her head off – not.

cousinsMax played in leaves with Daddy.

 max in leaves

We got to take Grace to the Carpinito Brothers’ pumpkin patch!





Molly and her cousin James got to spend some quality time together.



At the car wash

One of the things I want to get done before we have this baby is wash my car. We went over to my parents today and Max, my dad and I all washed my car. Yay!

car wash 3

car wash 2

car wash 1

Emerald Downs

For my sister’s birthday she invited us to Emerald Downs. I’ve wanted to take Max there for a while because he really likes horses. Well the kid likes any animal really. He did absolutely love it though. He also liked the tractors that fixed the dirt between races. He also got to pet a horse for the first time with my mom.

horse 2