Out and about

Here is what Miss Molly has been up to! She still inch worming around. She occasionally gets up on all fours and rocks. She’s still a great eater! She LOVES to feed herself. She likes to eat green beans, mangos (from Great Grandma Dixie), bananas, pancakes, waffles, cooked carrots, cherrios (of course) etc. Some other things that Molly likes to do are, take baths and splash in the water, “pet” the cat, inch worm around and play with toys, tip over her toy bin to get to her toys, play in boxes, play in Max’s tent, play with balloons, ride in the front pack or back pack, watch Max do almost anything, get her feet nibbled, clap, be startled etc. Molly does not like having her diaper changed (I distract her with toys), being laid down to sleep, being tired, teething. She is still a pretty calm baby – woo hoo!

Max and Molly’s Great Grandma (GG) spent the night after Max’s third birthday party. We got to enjoy lots of GG time.

GG and molly

mollys pool

We discovered that this blue bin is a perfect pool for Molly

sun baby

I think the glasses were a wee too night after seeing this photo…

sun baby 2

Playing a computer game with Daddy.

father daughter bonding

Eating Max’s birthday cake (shhhh don’t tell him!)

chocolate cake  molly

Peacefully sleeping.

sleeping molly 3

A straight jacket of a bib. Molly is excellent at taking off her bibs. So I found these darling little things!

  dr seuss

Sleeping Molly

While on our walk the other day Molly fell asleep. I just don’t know how you could look at that and think it was random chance. She is such a gift from God.

sleeping molly on a walk

Molly is eight months old!

8 month molly 1I couldn’t help but put bunny ears on Molly for her eight-month-photo shoot. I was able to keep her in one spot by bribing her with Cheerios. Oh and why yes, those are watermelon socks with teal sock ons on her!


Molly and her big brother!

molly eating cherrios

Eating snacks out on the deck watching Max play.

molly loves boxes

Molly has a brown cloth bin of just baby toys that I keep down on the floor for her. She’s able to tip the bin over and get her toys out.

shirt hair with meow meow

Doesn’t everyone wear shirts on their heads?!

sleeping molly on a walk

She fell asleep in the ergo on our walk with Max to see some horses today. It was really sweet seeing her beautiful sleeping face. Babies are such a miracle from God.

What Molly’s been up to!

Molly is on the move! She is doing what people call “scooting.” I think that sounds weird so I call it what it looks like, “inch worming!” She’s getting better at it every day. I had to put the cat food somewhere else today so you know she’s serious! She’s even been able to sneak up on Meow Meow a few times and grab a tail! Max is learning to put his toys up if he doesn’t want Molly to have them.

Molly is eating really well. There still isn’t anything she doesn’t like. And the girl can eat! I made waffles the other morning and she ate one and a half as well as some green beans! She is sleeping well too right now. Tooth wise she has the bottom two.

from aunt kelly

Fun Pictures Aunt Kelly took.from aunt kelly2


This lantern from Aunt Laura remains a baby favorite in our household!

molly eating waffle

This girl likes waffles!(and egg yoke). Max tried a hard boiled egg but wasn’t a fan. I was amazed he even tried it!

sink bath molly

This baby loves water so far! She splashes, smiles and giggles.

sleeping molly

I was wearing Molly in my front pack and she fell asleep. I don’t see her asleep much anymore since she sleeps in her crib so I just had to take a picture with my phone. I love her tiny features and hands.

sunny day in maxs hat 1Checking out the grass on a sunny day (wearing Max’s old sun hat)

sunny day in maxs hat 2

Molly’s second time in a swing at Green Lake (Max was there too 😉swinging at green lake 2nd time ever vacuuming molly

Seven-month-old Molly!

Molly is seven months old! She is eating finger foods like slices of peaches, sweet potato fries, butternut squash fries, green beans and once fries form Ikea.

Also she is almost crawling and its so fun to watch her!


blue dress 1


shamrock smile 3

7 mo


Baby pilates!

baby pilates

Sleeping shamrock girl

sleeping beauty


Molly has been eating food for over a month now. I’ve been pureeing sweet potatoes, butternut squash, pears, peaches and bananas. I give her some rice too. She seems to have a sensative tummy when it comes to foods that can constipate her so I go easy on the rice and bananas. She also has two bottom, middle teeth that are coming in and those suckers are SHARP! We are doing a bit of baby led weaning. That means we give her a slice of pear or peach to gum on. I have baked sweet potato fries or butternut squash fries for her. She plays with them and puts them in her mouth and eventually eats them. She seems to enjoy it and it takes a long time! She’s supervised of course to make sure she doesn’t choke.


Molly eating a slice of canned peaches that Kelly’s mom canned last summer. Thanks Betty!


I love how you can soften photos on instagram!

Molly is 6 months old!

So I skipped right over five months and moved to 6. Ah thus is the life of a second born child! Molly is growing like a weed! She is sitting up very well unassisted and when placed on her tummy can move 360 degrees. She wiggles lots on her tummy and basically does a plank. She isn’t crawling yet. Max and I took her to her 6 month check up last week. She did really well and is 26.75″ long (74%), 16 pounds (48%) and her head is 43.5 ” around (78%). She received quite a few vaccines but handled it like a champ. I held a pacifier in her mouth during them and that helped a lot. Max did not like the doctor and the medical assistants poking and prodding Molly.

molly 6 mo Molly six mo 2

first high chair molly

Molly’s first time in a high chair

max and molly 6 mo

M & M!

molly 6 mo 3

Sitting up!

Molly is 4 months old!

Our little Molly is four months old! She loves to watch her brother run around, be held, eat and grab toys and mouth them. She also love talking and smiling. She’s selective at what she laughs at but when she does its my new favorite sound. She also rolled from her back to her tummy and from her tummy to her back!

Max pretty much always adores Molly. He likes to go up to her and touch her cheeks and say, “Molly cheeks!” When she cries he tells her, “Its okay Molly – its okay.” That’s 90% of the time. Other times he “roars” at her because its too loud. He also likes to get toys for her.


I cannot get enough of her Christmas outfits! She has a couple that we inherited from my cousin Michelle. The Santa hat is my favorite!






Her party outfit with her Steve Weizmanns!

thumb sucking santa molly

That photo shoot really tires a girl out.

     max molly and grace

We went to Elevated Sports in Bothell with Christopher, Laura, Grace (2) and James (4 mo.) Then we pretty much spent the day together. It was really nice. We took lots of pictures (as you can clearly see).molly and james 2

Cousin tummy time!molly and james laughingmolly rolled over 12_6_13


My name is Molly and I can now roll over and that’s all I want to do! Thumbs up!thumb sucking santa molly

Speaking of thumbs I love mine!baby in a pot

And who doesn’t love a baby in a pot! She thinks its great! Max wanted in too!

Molly’s one month old!


Our friend, Caroline called this picture of Molly her, “college face.” Let’s just say I wasn’t exactly pleased with the photos that Kelly took. However they are humorous.


IMG_5458 IMG_5464