Molly’s wardrobe

    Our daughter has a wardrobe that I’m a little envious of. My cousin Michelle and my friend Cecily sent us some amazing clothes. Molly was also given clothes from other friends and family. Check these out!

Coras purple outfit

I like that Molly’s cousin Cora wore this.

Koala molly from lisa

Hat: my friend Lisa, Shirt: Aunt Kellyloris outfit

Thanks Aunt Lori!

molly in michelles dress

Thanks Michelle!

sunday best

This adorable dress is from my friend Noell. I think the little gentleman next to Molly is pretty cute too 🙂

That’s it for now.


Well hello there!

Life has been pretty busy around our house lately. Having a two-year-old and a two-month-old is kind of a lot of work at times. I woudn’t trade it for anything though. (yes, I know – puke!) Here are some photos of what we’ve been up to.

A mini photo shoot with a new friend that needed a baby who was less than a week old:

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We had the same photographer, Jennifer Finch take newborn photos of Molly like we did with Max. Kelly put these two photos together. Can you tell which is which?

max and molly 2

We went to Grace’s 2nd birthday and James’ dedication. I love how Molly is screaming her head off – not.

cousinsMax played in leaves with Daddy.

 max in leaves

We got to take Grace to the Carpinito Brothers’ pumpkin patch!





Molly and her cousin James got to spend some quality time together.



Introducing Molly Lynn!

About five hours after my last post my water broke and labor began. The whole thing only lasted for 2 hours and 37 minutes from start to finish! We barely made it to the hospital before I started pushing. I wasn’t even banded until after Molly was born! She was 9 lbs. 8 oz. and 21 inches long. So a BIG, healthy baby. She is nine days old today and so far is pretty calm and a pretty good sleeper for a newborn. However she is not in newborn clothes. She has super long feet and toes so she doesn’t fit in newborn p.j.’s.

Max is adjusting to Molly and not being the center of attention. Its hard to not be able to do everything he wants to do when he wants to do it but I remind myself that we gave him a sibling so he can learn how to really share etc. and so after Kelly and I aren’t here anymore the two kids will have each other.

The pictures of Max and Molly were taken a few days after she was born. We didn’t push Max holding Molly. On this day he asked if he could hold her. It was so sweet! He gave her little pats. He calls her, “my baby.” He asks a lot what “his baby is doing” and where she is if he can’t see her. If she starts crying he give her pats.

molly 2

molly and sleeping daddy 2

Kelly fell asleep after playing with Molly.


Longest monkey toes ever! And she spreads them waaaay apart!

m and m 8

Max doing his camera smile.

m and m 3

Baby pats.

m and m 5


m and m 6


max and molly

45 days out

Its getting real people. We’re now 45 days away from due date today (July 30th). However, if this baby is anything like Max it will be an August baby and not July. I’m fine with August – we have a basement. Kelly and I finally took some belly pictures today. We could have done it earlier but I’m a girl and I like to make sure I have somewhat cute clothes on as well as makeup and hair done. Hence our first maternity photo shoot was done at 33 weeks (not almost every week like with Max).


I’m very much looking forward to meeting this kid! I’m also very curious how Max will react to him or her. My prediction is that things will start of maybe a little rocky because Max will have to share his mommy and daddy. After a while I think he’ll adjust and be fine though. Don’t all kids?! I have looked at the following article on

We’ll see what works for us and what doesn’t and go from there. If you have new baby advice or what worked for you send it my way please!