Theater Sports

After Jennifer’s bachelorette dinner at Anthony’s on Pier 66 (and experiencing horrible service) we all went to Theater Sports ( on Post Alley right by the fish market in Pike Place Market. Theater Sports is an Improv Comedy club. The actors there are amazingly quick and hilarious! They make everything up on the fly and make sure that everyone in the audience has a great time. They even included Jennifer in one of their skits much to her dismay. (she did a great job though).

Jennifer’s Bachelorette

For my best friend Jennifer’s bachelorette we started the evening with dinnerat Anthony’s on Pier 66. I had made reservations for the girls and me monthsin advance. I had everything planned to the very last detail. I arrived at the restaurantforty-five minutes early. So I waited in my car along Alaskan Way. Then I decidedto get out and check in. I placed my key in my purse, got out and walked around tothe passenger side to get it along with gifts. Much to my dismay I had absent minded+lylocked my doors. That is when my husband who I love more then Sprinkles came and savedthe day. He was busy BBQ chicken but put it in the fridge and put out the BBQ to comesave me. So I ended up being a half hour late to the party I threw but at least Ishowed up.

While chatting with the other bridesmaids I realized that our waiter wasn’tasking us if we wanted to order drinks and in general wasn’t acknowledging us.He finally asked us for drinks and delivered them. Then two of the drinks were wrong.A Mai Tai only had pineapple juice in it and then a Mohito tasted like pure mint.When one of the bridesmaids said that there was something wrong with her Mohito, thewaiter rudely asked her how she would make it differently. He begrudgingly took thedrinks back. At this point the waiter still hadn’t asked us what we wanted toeat and everyone’s water glasses were empty. Most importantly Jennifer’swater glass was empty. At this point I considered asking for a different wait staff.I decided not to to do that but did take action. I walked Jennifer to the restroomand on the way there I spotted a manager-looking gentleman. I asked if he was themanager. He replied that he was so I explained why we were dining at his restaurantand that our waiter was treating us rudely and that he was barely acknowledging ourtable. Then I asked if this could be fixed. To this the manager replied I’mright on that. Once I got back from the restroom there was a different manager atour table making sure everything was to our liking and it was as if our waiter haddone a complete 180. He was incredibly attentative and asked what special occasionwe were celebrating. He even brought Jennifer strawberry shortcake with a cute littlecandle.

Lesson Learned: Speak up when you’re being treated badly and don’t eatat Anthony’s on Pier 66.

Photo Shoot

I am blessed with having a lot of great friends. One of these is Brandi a fashiondesigner. This woman amazes me. She is so talented and has a great heart to boot.She is also working on a web site, Sheneeded a “model” for a shoot that had to do with what outfits men wouldlike to see women wear on a first date. She asked me to do the shoot! I was so excited.She picked out five different outfits for me. My hair and makeup were done to matcheach outfit. We shot on the streets of downtown Seattle on Saturday. It was kind ofintimidating at first but I loosened up after a while. At one point I had to standin a fountain! I think I’ll stick to my day job but dressing up and gettingall dolled up is fun too.

I am Legend

My husband and I watched this movie over the weekend. There hasn’t been a movie that has scared me this bad in a long time. It was SO intense. I won’t give anything away. But I felt like I needed to board up my windows and doors and be very wary of new vaccines. Also Kelly was forbidden to make any noises like the freaky monsters in the movie.


The non-profit I work for plans camping trips for teens. I was “lucky”enough to get to go on a three day over night to Coeur d’alene, ID this pastweek. We spend two sun filled days at Silvewood theme park. This park is awesome!It has a ton of new rides and rollercoasters! If you’re ever in the area youshould check it out. The water park, Boulder Beach is cool too.

Because there were 17 teens aged twelve to sixteen there were some challengesto the trip. Like the occasional back talk and some theft. At one point when a cameraended up missing the other adult I was with decided to have all the teens empty theirpockets and then search through their tents. We didn’t find the camera but wefound a lot of food (this was strictly forbidden because of hungry bears). Positivesfrom the trip were watching teens that have never camped before learn how to set upa tent and cook on a campstove.

All in all this trip was great birth control.

Department of Licensing

I went to the Bellevue DOL today to take the written test for my Commericial Driver License Permit. I made the giant mistake of not getting there at least a half hour before they open, I got there at 11:15am. I asked people around me and they had been waiting for three plus hours. Gross. My ticket was number 517, when I left after waiting forty-five minutes they were only at 380.  Also the DOL didn’t have any fun movies like Moster’s Inc. to watch. I’m giving them a C because they were so slow but I also should have been there earlier. I’ll go back next Saturday at 8am and give it another go. Is it me or do you also feel like taking a shower after going to the DOL?

Name Change

I went to the Social Security office in downtown Bellevue yesterdaye and legally changed my last name from “Uhlenkott” to “Keeton.” I’ll get my new social security card in about two weeks. The whole process was actually quick and easy. Also while I was waiting I got to watch Moster’s Inc. The Bellevue Social Security Office get’s an “A” in my book.

Sprinkles the Cat

On the drive through the middle of nowhere in Eastern Washington Kelly saw a signthat read, “ FREE KITTENS.” He asked if I wanted to one to which I replied,“Um hell yes!” He let me pick out the kitten I wanted. There were abouttwenty of them. At first I wasn’t sure if we had picked a fun, cool cat, butsix weeks later I’m positive we have an awesome one. Sprinkles love being aroundpeople and is very talkative.

Facts about Sprinkles

Astrological Sign: Gemini

Favorite Food: Tuna

Favorite toy: expensive computer cords

Favorite place to poo: Litterbox

Favorite game: Lick my owners in the face until they wake up at 2am

Friends: Meat & Cheese the rats

What I cost my owners thus far: approx. $300


Cool Job

So this summer I’m working with a teen summer camp and we go to a lot of coolplaces actually. We’ve visited the Pacific Science Center, the Glass Museumand Hot Shop, the Pike Place Market, the Seattle Waterfront, the International District,Green Lake, the Woodland Park Zoo and lots more. Here are pictures from the WoodlandPark Zoo.



There was a lot of hype about the flamingos but the cart selling flamingo souvineirswas more exciting than watching the real flamingos nap.